A small leak will sink a great ship…


NewPlast  laboratory iswell-equippedwithmoderninstrumentation of high quality. It is the only one in Armenia this big range of testing services. Our Laboratory specializes in plastic performance, in particular,plastic and metal plastic pipes.

We test pipe quality here. Our methods and facilities make us able to detect even the smallest defects. Our high-technology and precise equipment ensures the most accurate test results. The Laboratory has many contacts in foreign scientific and testing centers.

In 2010 Newplast Laboratory was accredited for testing plastic products and very soon has become a leading one in this area. We provide efficient, precise and reasonably-priced testing. The Laboratory continuously improves and enlarges our capabilities by investing in state-of-the-art testing facilities. Now we can provide technical expertise and testing of the following: 

Hydraulic pressure tester model XGY-10 allows us to provide stress-rupture testing at 20-80°C with maximum testing pressure up to 120 bars and maximum continuous test time up to 1000 hours.

  • Hydraulic pressure tester model XGY-10-IIIalso makes stress-rupture testing, but allows to test pipe coils (3 coils at the same time), unlike the pre
    viously described machine.The maximumcontinuous test time is up to 1000 hours.
  • Device for bond strength and joint efficiency testing can examine pipe-fitting connections.
  • Impact Strength Tester XJJSeriemeasures impact strength rate and impact resistance of plastic products.
  • Melt Flow Rate TaianAntai Testing Machine measures the melt flow index (or rate of extrusion) of molten polymers to check the raw material quality.
  • Universal Testing machine IPT M350-5ATis a multifunctional device used to test various physical-mechanical parameters of plastic, metal and other products.This machine makes tests for tensile strain/strength,adhesion, elongation and bend strength, elastic deformation and etc.
  • Mobile hydraulic stress tester ROTHENBERGER examines hydraulic pressure resistance with maximum pressure up to 60 bars.